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The Key Ingredients for an Elevated Spring Lunch Party

Like the spring season, an afternoon lunch feels brighter and lighter than an evening dinner party. A spring lunch is an opportunity to emerge from winter hibernation and celebrate the new season by enjoying seasonal bites, fresh cocktails and vibrant tablescapes. If you’re planning to host a springtime lunch party, use the guide below as inspiration for a vibrant seasonal celebration.

Focus on the Function
Plan the flow of the party, from where your guests will put their coats, where they will get a drink and where they will gather to mingle before you sit down for lunch. If you plan on hosting an alfresco lunch gathering, prepare for any weather contingencies. Outdoor heaters or lighting an outdoor fireplace will be helpful if it’s a chilly afternoon, or if you’re faced with springtime showers, ensure your dining room is ready to accommodate your guests. 

Set up your beverage area in a space that flows into the place where you want guests to mingle. If you plan to serve your lunch in a buffet style, the spread should also flow into the dining area where your guests will enjoy their meal. For seated lunches with name cards, position the name card table front and center so there isn’t confusion when it’s time to sit down and eat.

Indulge in Seasonal Influences
Base your menu and decor around seasonal ingredients and accents to highlight the season’s uniqueness. Incorporating asparagus, artichokes, chives, fennel, peas and rhubarb into your dishes will create a refreshing, crisp spring-inspired selection of dishes. Get creative with a signature drink, incorporating seasonal ingredients, such as mint or other fruit. An alcoholic and non-alcohol version to accommodate all your guests

Curate the Soundtrack
Whether you want to have a relaxing, refined lunch or a lively, high-energy gathering, curate the soundtrack to ensure the music matches the scene’s energy. An instrumental selection of songs will add an overall sense of calm, while your favorite throwback hits can bring energy to the party.

Setting the Tablescape
Often, the atmosphere can be just as important as the menu. A vibrant tablecloth or runner can elevate the overall dining atmosphere and be the perfect backdrop for neutral dishes or flatware. Adding height to the table with flowering branches, such as cherry blossom branches, can help create a more intimate setting by offering the illusion of the room appearing fuller. Spring flowers, such as peonies or tulips, will add fresh, seasonal accents to your tablescape, as well as throughout the rest of your home.

Don’t Forget the Small Details
The most minor details can make the most significant impact. From linen napkins with a creative napkin holder, such as a one made from seasonal flowers, to individual name carts and unique flatware, small touches are the ones that guests will remember. 

Thinking through the experience you want your guests to have will ensure they have the most memorable time celebrating a new season at your house.

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