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The State of Cloud Security

As cloud adoption has grown, so too has the need to emphasize cloud security. Cloud is a foundational element of IT as organizations of all sizes increasingly rely on it for technology infrastructure and services. It’s critically important that businesses have confidence in the integrity of their data that lives in the cloud, and it is essential that the applications and services they use in the cloud are properly secured.

Thankfully, more organizations are making cloud security a business priority. Cloud application security and cloud workload security are both slated for strategic investment in 2021, according to the Omdia ICT Enterprise Insights survey, with 29.1% and 27.4%, respectively, of survey respondents highlighting these areas.

While it’s clear that security is needed in the cloud, it has long been viewed as a challenging task. Where should you start?

This Tech Insights special report on cloud security examines the state of cloud security, challenges to it and best practices for businesses needing to minimize exposure in the cloud. Fill out the below form to gain access to the free report.

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