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Tigo Energy adds Flex MLPE for 700-Watt solar modules August 26, 2021

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Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) supplier Tigo Energy is now offering the Tigo TS4-A-S rapid shutdown with module level monitoring for solar modules up to 700-watts. This product release completes the Tigo Energy portfolio of MLPE solutions which provide installers maximum flexibility and choice to pair with leading inverters and modules, and through the Energy Intelligence (EI) software. 

The portfolio of 700W Flex MLPE also includes the TS4-A-F products for fire safety and the National Electrical Code and the full-featured TS4-A-O for optimization, monitoring, and fire safety. The TS4-A-S is a solution for solar installers without need for expansion, due to a lack of shade or other module mismatches, who wish to optimize site uptime and minimize O&M costs while enhancing homeowner experience. For only a few dollars more than the base TS4-A-F model, the TS4-A-S unlocks the full power of the EI software to enable all these benefits and provide over-the-air upgrades. 

“Nothing hurts the profitability of solar installers more than needless truck rolls,” said Cathal McCarthy, chief customer officer, at Tigo Energy. “The TS4-A-S with Energy Intelligence monitoring is a cost-effective way to ensure first responders are safe with rapid shutdown and lower the cost of operations and maintenance with a state-of-the-art monitoring platform.”

Tigo EI software was specifically designed to manage and analyze solar installations for solar installers. When combined with the power flow diagramming, interactive charts, advanced performance alerts, and the kiosk view, this hardware-plus-software solution helps solve customer issues with operations and maintenance for all of their on-site components.

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