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WATCH: Government clerical error shortchanges EV buyer WATCH: Government clerical error shortchanges EV buyer

As the 20-day term has now been passed, buyers of “clean cars” are now starting to receive their Government-funded rebates.

With refunds up to $8625 for brand new BEVs and $5750 for PHEVs from July 1, buyers have been quick to purchase and apply for these rebates. And from what we have heard and seen, getting them too!

Just to recap, rebates (from July 1-Dec 31, 2021) are:

New BEV: $8625
New PHEV: $5750
Used BEV: $3450 (first registration only)
Used PHEV: $2300 (first registration only)

MG has reported customers receiving rebates already, but one contacted DRIVEN last week with some curious news: his rebate for a new PHEV, deposited to his bank account from the NZTA, was a little less than expected.

Steve Smith purchased a brand new MG HS PHEV in early July and with his bill of sale and number plate, duly applied for the $5750 rebate through the NZTA website. Easy as.

As a recently retired police officer/electrician, Steve added the MG PHEV to his garage that’s already inhabited by a Tesla Model 3 he bought in March: coincidentally, the rear-drive model that’s now eligible for the rebate.

A little less than the quoted 20-day processing time, Steve received his direct bank deposit from the NZTA: for the amount of $5000, followed by quizzical stares and calculations of GST or other tax. Steve’s PHEV rebate amount was short $750.

After contacting us, we double-checked with MG (merely the car seller, of course), to ask for any anomalies, of which they’d had none. Nor did our NZTA research uncover any sinister plot to short-change customers from their full rebate.

So after contacting the NZTA, the representative professionally, apologetically and politely informed Steve there had been a clerical error in the processing, and swiftly had the balance processed and paid.

“Unfortunately there was a system error at the time of application and the calculation of the rebate. This amount paid out to you on 15 July 2021 was $5000.00.

“We identified this error yesterday and have made the correction and paid to you the remaining portion of the rebate you are eligible for – $750.00. Payment may take up to 3 business days to appear in your account. Please see attached amended receipt confirmation confirming the total Clean Car rebate paid to you of $5750.00.”

So just a quick reminder to check the rebates, as there’s a level of manual processing with these rebates. But those buying new or used BEVs and PHEVs can be assured the quoted amounts will be the rebated amounts. At least until the review at the end of the year.

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