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We tried the augmented reality exhibition on the glorious and tragic history of Notre-Dame de Paris

After passing the nave of the Collège des Bernardins, the spectator is offered a small tablet.

It is thanks to this device that the exhibition

Notre-Dame: the augmented exhibition

offers a trip back in time.

A large image of Notre Dame on fire rises before visitors.

To find out more, simply scan an image placed on a cube with the tablet.

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The image loads, and here we are projected in 2019 during the fire of Notre-Dame.

A 3D model of the cathedral is displayed on the screen.

It is possible to click on various cursors to discover photos, videos of the fire but also the equipment used by the firefighters.

Like a treasure hunt, we go on a quest for other images to scan.

The next takes us to 1160, when the cathedral did not yet exist.

By lifting the tablet and turning on ourselves, we discover as if we were there the place on which the cathedral was built.

Still with this same slider system, the viewer is invited to discover the trades of the craftsmen who made the construction of the cathedral possible.

In 1180, the choir of the cathedral was erected after twenty years of work.


A little further on, we are right in the middle of the crowd that accompanies the procession of holy relics to Notre-Dame in 1241. The cathedral is built, and King Saint Louis brings the crown of thorns and the cross of Christ to it.

We note the precise rendering of all the villagers around us, each historical detail having been verified by a scientific committee.

The exhibition invites us to attend various historical episodes such as the marriage between the future Henri IV and Marguerite de Valois, or the coronation of Napoleon.

The exhibition reconstructs the coronation of Napoleon in the cathedral of Paris in 1804. Histovery

The journey through time ends with a return to 2019. After giving pride of place to construction craftsmen, the exhibition highlights the trades essential to the reconstruction of the cathedral.

This construction site, closed to the public, provides information on the different stages of securing, the restoration to come and little-known trades such as rope access technicians or master glassmakers.

While the site is closed to the public, the exhibition gives us access to the various stages of securing and restoration.


This exhibition designed by Histovery in collaboration with the public establishment responsible for the conservation and restoration of the cathedral, offers a beautiful panorama of all the history hidden behind Notre-Dame.

The historical rigor is made accessible thanks to the tablet, and the free exhibition allows you to return at your leisure.

Everyone can do the exhibition at their own pace, even if it remains impossible to discover all the sliders at once as there is so much information.

“Notre-Dame de Paris, the augmented exhibition” at the Collège des Bernardins from April 7 to July 17.

Free admission, reservation recommended on

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