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WhatsApp just made a welcome change to calls on iPhone, but Android users miss out

WhatsApp is giving the user interface when making a phone call within the app a much-needed facelift, but only for those on iPhone. Millions of people make calls on WhatsApp each day, so this is sure to come in handy day-in, day-out for users.

The new calling interface is beginning to roll out to users right now. If it’s not already available in your app, it might be worth checking the App Store to make sure you’re running the latest version of the app.

The new design aims to refresh the WhatsApp’s call design, and make everyday features more intuitive. WhatsApp users will now benefit from a new sliding menu that includes the hang-up and mute buttons, which also shows everyone currently on the call.

If photos of the new design look familiar to you, it’s because the updated design is very similar to FaceTime’s design. In the new menu, users will also be able to quickly add new participants to a current call, something which wasn’t possible before. That applies to both voice and video calls.

WhatsApp explained that the updated interface is gradually rolling out to users, so you might not see it for a while. Unfortunately, you will have to head into the App Store and update the app to version 2.21.140, if you want to benefit from the new design.

It’s also important to note that the exciting design refresh is only coming to iPhones, so Android users are going to be left out of this one.

Also included in the new app update is a new feature that stops you from receiving a notification for new messages in archived chats. Rather, these notifications will be muted, and you’ll have to manually check for new messages. WhatsApp is also adding new sticker suggestions, to recommend appropriate stickers to send alongside your message.

It’s been a busy few days for WhatsApp, which is comfortably the most popular messaging service on the planet. Earlier this week, the Facebook-owned chat app rolled out a new feature that allows group chat members to join calls, even if they missed their phone ringing.

Previously, the group would have needed to hang up and start the call again to let a new participant in. WhatsApp also improved its web and desktop platforms, so you don’t need your phone connected to the internet to use them any more.

WhatsApp’s latest call design change is trying to make calls more intuitive for everyone with the app. At a time when keeping in touch with loved ones is more important than ever, we welcome any improvements to the messaging app.


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