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Where to Buy the Fitbit Charge 5: UK/US Price & Retailers

The Fitbit Charge 5 launched on 25 August, a year and a half after the Charge 4. It’s the first wearable in the Charge series to release after Google’s acquisition of Fitbit and is now available to pre-order from a variety of retailers both in the UK and US.

As for what you can expect, the Charge 5 keeps all the features we know and love of the Charge 4 – such as built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, and resting heart rate, but it also adds premium features such as skin temperature tracking, ECG with AFib detection, blood oxygen monitoring, and Google Fast Pair support.

Another big change is in the design. Departing from the Charge 4’s harsh, solid edges, Fitbit adapts what it calls “Biological Industrial Design Language” to bring softer, smoother angles, similar to what we’ve seen in the Inspire 2, Fitbit SenseVersa 3, and Luxe

The Charge 5 offers a buttonless, stainless steel frame with EDA (electrodermal activity) sensors along the side for stress monitoring – a feature found in the top-tier Fitbit Sense smartwatch too. The Charge 5 is also the first in its series to offer a full-colour AMOLED display.

Learn more about the Fitbit Charge 5 in our deep dive, where we cover all specs, as well as details on the new Daily Readiness score available via Fitbit Premium, which assesses how prepared you are to work out in the day.

Release date: When does the Fitbit Charge 5 go on sale?

The Fitbit Charge 5 launched on 25 August and is available now to pre-order. Fitbit’s site says that shipping will begin in late September. 

Amazon and Argos list a more specific release date of 27 September, 2021, which is the earliest we can see.

Where to buy Fitbit Charge 5

Where to buy Fitbit Charge 5

Where to buy Fitbit Charge 5

Price: How much does the Fitbit Charge 5 cost?

The Charge 5 costs £169.99/US$179.95/AUD$269.95.

That makes the Charge 5 £30/$30/AUD$20 more expensive than the Charge 4, but that additional cost goes a long way, thanks to new premium features such as EDA sensors, skin temperature tracking, ECG and AFib detection, and SpO2 monitoring.

The Charge 5 is available in one size only and colorways include: Black/Graphic Stainless Steel, Lunar White/Soft Gold Stainless Steel, and Steel Blue/Platinum Stainless Steel.

Free Fitbit Premium for six months

The Charge 5 also includes six months of Fitbit Premium (separately £7.99 per month). The subscription service unlocks additional health metrics and lifestyle insights.

See Charge 5 pre-order prices and availability from retailers in your area below:

Retailer Price Delivery  

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Where to buy Fitbit Charge 5

Where to buy Fitbit Charge 5

Where to buy/pre-order the Fitbit Charge 5

The Charge 5 is available to pre-order from Fitbit (and Fitbit US) with shipping expected in late September. You can find it from a number of other retailers too including:

UK retailers

US retailers

We’ll update this list with more retailers as they’re confirmed. We’re separately tracking the best Fitbit deals of the month if you want to see the best prices across the full range.

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