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Widex My Sound Review:…

My Sound is a new technology for customization of Widex MOMENT™ hearing aids that is designed to be entirely focused on listening intent. The feature leverages Widex’s generations of artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the wearer’s needs. 

Instead of being singularly programmed to enhance  sound in all situations – with no distinction between what users want to hear and don’t – My Sound is designed to automatically adjust based on your intention. 


My Sound: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Listening Experience


For hearing aid wearers, the intention behind hearing has historically been disregarded, delivering no distinction between what wearers want to hear and what they don’t.

widex mysound app
Widex My Sound uses AI to make custom recommendations to wearer

According to the company, this is why Widex introduced My Sound: a new technology that leverages artificial intelligence so that wearers can “customize their hearing aids in seconds based on where they are, what they’re doing and what sounds they want to focus on”.

My Sound utilizes cloud-based user data of Widex patients worldwide in similar sound situations to make its recommendations. In the Widex MOMENT app, wearers can select their activity, such as dining, then choose their intent, such as concentration. Based on those selections, My Sound uses AI to automatically draw on tens of thousands of real-life data points and instantly presents two customized options. 

Using this feature via the MOMENT app was found to be very simple and intuitive. This is likely to be a popular update for new and current users.


My Guide: Improving Patient Experience and Outcomes After Initial Fitting


Widex My Guide offers helpful tips and lessons for wearers to improve outcomes

In addition to My Sound, Widex has also introduced a helpful new feature called My Guide in the Widex MOMENT app that aims to help empower wearers to “maximize the comfort, performance, and utility of their hearing aid devices after the initial fitting”.

The new feature was developed to make the hearing aid adoption period as painless and positive as possible — something that both hearing professionals and their patients aim to achieve.

The main features provide comprehensive lessons about storage, comfort, charging, when to use and when not to use, troubleshooting advice and a ‘reminder’ function to encourage daily hearing aid use. 

These features are divided into four separate tabs:

  • Videos
  • Troubleshooting
  • Courses
  • Notifications

With a very intuitive interface, and simple to understand imagery, the new My Guide feature can be a powerful counseling tool and may help prevent unnecessary visits to the audiology office.

Additional Features & Upgrades

Apple Watch App Upgrade

The MOMENT App on Apple Watch has been upgraded to deliver more control at the wearer’s fingertips. New features include: 

  • Easy app access from the watch face. 
  • Integrated use of the watch’s digital crown (wheel on the side) as a volume control.
  • Quick mute button from the start screen.
  • Easy access to all listening programs, including personalized programs created by the patient in the MOMENT App for iPhone or Android. 
  • Widex TV PLAY access and control directly from the watch. 

TV Play


widex tv play

Widex TV PLAY lets wearers listen to TV sound directly through their Widex MOMENT hearing aids. This is accomplished through a combination of easy set-up, direct stereo streaming to ears through Widex’s dual-antenna technology, a discreet design and mobile app control.

Dual antenna technology refers to the device’s discreet triangle design that features two antennas placed at different angles. This is said to provide maximum streaming stability and allows wearers to move around without losing connectivity. 

The unique triangle form factor also allows it to be placed on a display or behind the TV. Wearers can use the MOMENT app to adjust the volume of the TV and hearing aids independently. This way they can choose the right balance between the TV sound and the surrounding sounds and conversations.


Professional Programming Updates 

With the latest firmware update, professionals can now use Noahlink Wireless to program the MOMENT hearing aids mRIC R D, RIC 312 D and BTE 13 D. 

The new Compass GPS 4.2 version of fitting software introduces TruAcoustics 2.0 – which boasts better flexibility for fitting, more available gain for fine-tuning and a smoother frequency response.

The TruAcoustics updates in GPS 4.2 will apply to all fittings and aim to provide a greater dynamic range (due to more available gain in IG-soft), especially in high frequencies. 

Expanded Product Portfolio

Along with the new app updates, the company also announced a new charging case with drying capability. The Widex Charge n Clean charging case is a 3-in-1 charger for Widex MOMENT mRIC R D. The new case offers protection for the wearer’s device by providing a lid, a drying feature, and a new UV-C sanitizing function. 

The new Widex MOMENT BTE 13D model has a newly remodeled earhook, which offers improved curvature for a better fit across a range of ear sizes.

The BTE 13D is also compatible with two new Thin Tubes. 

The new Widex CIC-Micro offers a discreet hearing aid solution for mild to moderate/severe hearing loss, built on the MOMENT platform. Available in four performance levels – 440, 330, 220, and 110 – program change is accessible via the TONE LINK app.


With it’s 3rd generation of technology leveraging AI and Machine Learning, the latest upgrades to the Widex MOMENT hearing aids offer an even more appealing experience for the end user. 

Additionally, an improved initial fitting experience via My Guide is certainly going to be welcomed by professionals, who can encourage patients and their families to rely on this new tool to become familiar with and maximize their experience with hearing aids. 

For more details, visit the Widex website.

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