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With these clothes you increase your chances of getting an upgrade on the plane

Created: 03/30/2022, 11:46 am

By: Franziska Kaindl

For a flight upgrade you should be appropriately dressed.

© Viktor Cap/Imago

Dreaming of getting an upgrade on the plane?

With small tricks you can increase your chances – this also includes the clothes.

Upgrading to a seat in Business Class or First Class is not that easy to get on the plane.

This usually happens when the airline has overbooked the flight – then individual passengers have the chance to be allowed to change to a higher class.

Whether you are selected depends on certain factors, such as participation in a frequent flyer program.

But seemingly unimportant things, such as personal appearance, also play a role.

The right clothes for a flight upgrade

Do you usually board a plane in

sweatpants and flip-flops


Then you have a bad chance of getting an upgrade.

The crew does indeed keep an eye on how passengers dress: “Upgrading is all about looking good,” a flight attendant explained to the online portal

Who What Wear

some time ago .

Elegant, but unobtrusive


You should look like you travel often.

But one should not be dripping in designer clothes.

That helps – someone who is potentially supposed to be upgraded can be rejected if they’re not dressed appropriately.”

“It’s definitely helpful,” agreed another stewardess.

“When we fly, we have a strict dress code to follow.

No jeans or sneakers, so I always wear skinny

black pants and a blazer or dress


The men wear

chinos or trousers and a shirt

.” So it makes sense that business class passengers should be dressed similarly.

Dress Code for an Upgrade: What to Avoid

And what clothes could knock business class contenders out of the running?

Flight attendants have an opinion on this, too: “

Jeans, sweatpants, and dirty sneakers

” should be avoided at check-in, as should sweatpants.

Also, don’t look too keen on upgrading, either.

Then passengers have a good chance of making a positive impression.

And who knows: maybe the upgrade will work at some point.


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