June 8, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Trade-Mark Group

The Trade-Mark Group, Cambridge, Ont., has expanded by acquiring Cambridge Pro Fab Inc., a fabricator of plate and duct work for power generation, and SPL Control Inc., a provider of gas turbine noise control systems.

In addition to inheriting more than 150 skilled employees from Cambridge Pro Fab, Trade-Mark also acquires its 250,000-sq.-ft. facility in Brantford, Ont. This gives the Trade-Mark Group more than 300,000 sq. ft. total of fabrication space and more than 200 employees dedicated to fabrication. Similarly, the acquisition of SPL Control Inc., also located in Brantford, provides the company with additional expertise and staff to enhance its capabilities in engineered noise control systems.

Both companies’ operations will remain independent with their existing management teams, and the Trade-Mark Group will support them with strategic leadership and complementary services.


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