A customized version of Canoo’s electric delivery van for the USPS has been spotted in the wild

May 10, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Commercial EV startup Canoo looks to have delivered at least one electric delivery van to one of its newest customers, the United States Postal Service (USPS). The recently posted images show a customized Canoo LDV 190 donning USPS badging and a design slightly different from the original renderings.

Canoo remains an interesting EV startup that, for years, has straddled the line between genuine vehicle production and pure vapor. For every bump it has taken, the company has a knack for bouncing back with some form of encouraging news to keep its stock compliant.

For example, the startup announced a reverse stock split this past March as its share prices hit an all-time low. Less than two weeks later, however, its stock surged as its EV production facility in Oklahoma received approval as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).

In recent years, Canoo has established several key customers, including Wal-Mart, Kingbee, and NASA. This past January, Canoo announced another notable name on its clientele list – the USPS. The petite deal included the purchase of six LDV 190 delivery vans from Canoo that are right-hand driving for USPS workers.

At the time, we reported the small order from Canoo, which provided further evidence that the USPS was still very focused on electrifying its fleet while still searching for the “perfect EV” to get it there. Recent images show that at least one LDV 190 has made its way to the postal service and is being tested as a potential option for future parcel deliveries.

Canoo USPS
Source: @oonac15 / X

USPS branded Canoo LDV spotted in Atlanta

The images above were posted by X user oonac15, who spotted the customized Canoo van in Atlanta. Right out of the gate, there are several noticeable differences in the real-life LDV 190 compared to the rendering posted when Canoo announced the initial purchase from the USPS.

Canoo USPS electric delivery van

For starters, the door handles have been revamped to a more traditional style instead of remaining flush within the door panel. We surmise this was a customization requested by USPS to ensure its drivers can enter the vehicles more easily and quickly, especially during months of inclement weather when ice could be an issue.

The van’s right side also includes a second window on the compartment door. It’s impossible to tell if this was Canoo’s plan for the USPS van all along, but it would appear custom, considering the original LDV 190 design does not include said window.

Two mirrors have been added to either side of the van’s rear, and new lighting mechanisms have been added on top of the LDV above the windshield. Canoo’s real-life version is also equipped with much nicer wheels than we are used to seeing on USPS trucks, but that design could certainly change should these vans start rolling out in mass quantities.

Neither Canoo nor USPS have shared any updates to the pilot project since announcing the initial purchase of the six LDV 190s, but the postal services appear to be testing them out. The van would admittedly look pretty damn cool delivering mail around the US, but perhaps its focus will be on packages? It seems kind of large for just mail. Hopefully, we will learn more soon.

Canoo is expected to share its Q1 2024 financial report on May 14 at 5 PM ET.


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