A Look Back At The Samsung Galaxy Gear S: What Made It Unique? – SlashGear

April 27, 2024 | by magnews24.com

There’s no denying that the Samsung Gear S stands out from the crowd even today. Sadly, its overall performance didn’t always mesh with its ambition. The surprisingly complex user interface, inconsistent standalone capabilities, and requirement for a monthly plan separate from your smartphone in order to use those capabilities halted this device from reaching its full potential.

Since the release of the following year’s Gear S2, all Samsung smartwatch models have reverted to a more conventional rounded design. As a result of the size reduction, these versions lack much of the interactive quality that you could get with the wider Gear S display. However, the newer models still host many of the same apps and functions.

As time has gone on, however, Samsung’s smartwatches have been hitting their stride. More recent models such as the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 6 have struck a largely successful balance of display size, app variety, health-tracking features, and durability. Today, you won’t be able to connect the original Gear S to any Samsung smartphones made past 2020 anyway. That’s because modern Samsung devices switched from running on Tizen to Wear OS, which finally fixed many smartwatch limitations. Nevertheless, the Samsung Gear S will always hold a unique place in the hearts of tech enthusiasts for its daring ambition.


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