‘A Visible Difference in my Skin’ – BGLH Marketplace

March 23, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Alyssa is our newest copywriter! She’s contributed before, as part of our 2022 content creator program, but this year she’ll be more deeply involved (alongside Michael) in creating content for us.

Let’s get to know her!

“Hi 🙂 I’m Alyssa, a writer for BGLHM who currently lives in ATL. I’m originally from Miami and prefer visiting compared to living there! But I’ll forever rep the 305 My favorite things to do are read, be in nature, chill with my cat sons, and of course, eat!

I discovered BGLHM in my first two years of college. I was a broke college student with extremely sensitive skin and I was ready for a visible change. I’ve dealt with sensitive skin my entire life so I had my fair share of creams, lotions, and whatever other random things doctors prescribed. It wasn’t until I started doing research that I came across BGLH Marketplace. I previously heard about the countless benefits of shea butter. I wanted to order some from a more trusted source than the local beauty supply store. No shade!

My skin loves the products! There has been a visible difference in the tone and texture of my skin since I started using BGLHM whipped shea butter.

I’m a skincare fanatic, and buttering up when I get out of the shower is my favorite part of my routine. My favorite BGLHM whipped butters are rose, vanilla and peppermint.”

Welcome to the team Alyssa!


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