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March 20, 2024 | by

3g office designed the AFZ offices in Heredia, Costa Rica, a modern, inclusive, and flexible coworking space with warm colors, textures, diverse areas, and a welcoming atmosphere.

AFZ presents the challenge of generating an attractive coworking space for their clients. With this premise, we work on the design together with the client from the beginning, to understand their desires and needs. The client wanted to create a flexible, warm, comfortable, inclusive, collaborative, diverse and modern coworking space that would create a workspace that feels like home.

From this start point, the design concept was generated: The new trends of a post-pandemic world ask us to adapt to a new reality, diversify services and offers according to the needs of the client, which is why in this workplace we have to think about flexible, modern, collaborative and inclusive spaces… the AFZ community seeks to provide a new option with different environments, which are warm and comfortable… a place that makes us feel at home while we’re in the workspace. So, let’s develop a new workplace, people-centric, different, modern, inclusive, warm, and flexible that provides the customer with an alternative in this new normality…

In this way, with the implementation of different warm colors and textures, a mixed-use space was created. It has private offices with different dimensions, meeting spaces with different themes, from more formal rooms to more flexible rooms, with spaces that simulate the living room of our home, individual meeting spaces, phone booths, maternity room, wellness room, restrooms, and an open shared area with a friendlier and more welcoming look.

The project is located on the first floor of one of the buildings located on the main entrance of America Free Zone. With the goal of being a big attraction for their clients, AFZ opens its doors to a new concept of design and service.

Design: 3g office
Photography: Roberto D’Ambrosio


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