AI and Collaboration Tools are Driving High Productivity, with 72% of Businesses Reporting Gains in 2024

May 7, 2024 | by

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The widespread integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and collaboration tools within workplaces is proving not just beneficial but essential for increasing productivity.  

According to a 2024 survey published by, businesses that extensively use AI tools report a 72% increase in high productivity levels. 

The data, from a survey of over 1,000 business leaders, also reveals that digital tools in general are key to increasing productivity within the workplace. 80% of businesses “employing seven different collaboration tools” reported high productivity rates. Seven was the highest number of tools that asked about in the survey.  

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According to, “The second and third most popular amount of collaboration tools were six tools and five tools, respectively, which further suggests the benefits of working with multiple collaboration tools.” 

The findings add credence to the idea that the more integrated and versatile the tools, the better the performance outcomes. 

Communication technology also stood out as a significant factor for workplaces. About 46% of business leaders anticipate that communication tech will greatly affect company performance in 2024.  

Notably, only 32% of companies using one communication tool reported high organizational productivity, and only 11% said they see communication-related technology having a “very low effect” on their operations in 2024.  

The data also reveals that a business’ decision on whether to introduce remote work arrangements is not correlated with the communication technology they already use. The benefits of using these tools were strikingly similar across whether the business managed fully remote teams, hybrid teams, or full-person offices.  

According to the report, “97% of fully remote teams benefited from some form of collaborative tool compared to 94% of hybrid firms that expect workers in two to four days a week, and 87% of fully in-person offices.” 

Over half of the businesses in the survey (or 56%) report high productivity in 2024. More specifically, 40% of the survey’s respondents reported “high” productivity, and 16% reported “very high.” 

The new data illustrates a clear trend towards more technologically integrated workplaces. Investments in AI and digital collaboration tools are not just trends at this point, but necessities that truly help pave the way for higher productivity regardless of whether the team is remote, hybrid, or in the office. 

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