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Responding is Scott Jackson, CEO, SafetyIQ, Greenville, SC.

Integrating artificial intelligence into safety software isn’t a magic bullet. It demands more than enthusiasm – it requires a foundation built on meticulous data management. Before diving into AI, consider these critical steps to ensure your leap doesn’t end in a fall.

AI isn’t instant magic

The allure of AI is powerful: smarter safety protocols, predictive hazard identification and streamlined operations. Yet, the reality is stark – AI without a solid data foundation is like a high-performance engine running on empty. It promises much but delivers little without the right fuel.

A must-have before AI

Clean, standardized data – a nonnegotiable. AI thrives on data. Not just any data, but clean, consistent and standardized information. Without this, AI’s potential is stifled, rendering its insights questionable at best.

Next steps

Audit, then act. Start with a thorough audit of your data-capturing processes. Identify gaps and inconsistencies. This isn’t just housekeeping; it’s laying the groundwork for AI success.
Schedule, standardize, simplify. Post-audit, take action:

  1. Schedule your data captures (i.e., monthly audits, weekly equipment inspections, etc.).
  2. Standardize formats and definitions.
  3. Simplify collection methods.

This isn’t busywork. It’s about making your data AI-ready.

Cloud-based storage: Your data’s new home. Embrace cloud storage for its scalability, accessibility and collaboration features. It’s not only about storage – it’s about preparing your data for the AI journey ahead.

Starting small: The smart path forward. If your data isn’t yet AI-ready, start small. Tackle manageable projects to refine your data processes. These steps aren’t just preparation – they’re investments in your AI future.

Jumping into AI without the right preparation is a leap into the unknown. The key to unlocking AI’s potential in safety software lies in the quality of your data. Audit, standardize and simplify your data-capturing processes. Embrace cloud storage. Start small, learn and scale. Remember: The path to AI integration is a marathon, not a sprint. Prepare well, and the benefits will be worth the effort.

Editor’s note: This article represents the independent views of the author and should not be considered a National Safety Council endorsement.


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