At Paris-Saclay University, the institutional saga continues | West Observer

March 29, 2024 | by

Camille Galap, a former rector and karateka, is currently serving as the interim administrator of the Paris-Saclay University. He is pleased that the university now has a fully functioning board of directors. The board recently approved the entry of fifteen new members with a unique profile: external qualified personalities (PQE) from the socio-economic world who do not work within the university. These members will play a crucial role in electing the future president of the university, which is ranked 15th in the international Shanghai ranking in 2023.

The governance of the university has come under question due to the actions of the outgoing president, Estelle Iacona. The electoral process to choose the new president was disrupted twice in February by elected representatives of various unions who rejected the list of external personalities proposed by the directorate committee. This led to a period of consultation as outlined in the statutes of the experimental public institution. Camille Galap took on the role of mediator, working with representatives from the different branches of the university to reach an agreement on the list of PQE.

The approved list of PQE is diverse, including individuals from various backgrounds such as small or large business owners, representatives from disadvantaged neighborhoods, experts in sustainable development, and academics with extensive experience. Enzo Mekaoui, a student representative on the board of directors, praised the effort to diversify the profiles of the members in line with the wishes of the elected representatives. Camille Galap highlighted that the selection process involved extensive consultations and dialogue, emphasizing the need for continued collaboration and unity within the university.

Camille Galap emphasized the importance of building a cohesive team to move forward successfully. He acknowledged the need for the next leadership team to be able to bring the diverse group of individuals together and work towards a common goal. The process of selecting the PQE members was thorough and involved careful consideration of each candidate’s qualifications and expertise. The goal was to create a balanced and representative board of directors that could effectively contribute to the university’s governance.

The next step for the university is the election of a new president on April 30th, where the external qualified personalities will play a significant role in the decision-making process. The outcome of this election will have a major impact on the future direction and development of the university. Camille Galap remains optimistic about the future of Paris-Saclay University and is committed to working towards a harmonious and productive environment for all members of the institution.


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