AT&T Mexico puts Amdocs software in Oracle cloud

June 13, 2024 | by

The CIO of AT&T Mexico hailed further progress in a digital transformation programme after the operator shifted its Amdocs customer experience software to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

In an Amdocs announcement, Jeronimo Diez de Sollano stated AT&T Mexico is taking a pioneering approach to a cloud transition designed to reduce its IT footprint, a step considered essential to adapt to an evolving network architecture.

Amdocs described AT&T’s move to place the software company’s customer experience suite on OCI as a “major cloud transformation”, one expected deliver greater capacity and flexibility to the operator along with lower operational costs.

Shimie Hortig, president of the Americas group with Amdocs, said AT&T Mexico is ensuring it “has the right infrastructure” to meet evolving business needs.

Oracle SVP for global strategic partnerships Doug Smith said the collaboration with Amdocs “is a critical example of how service providers like AT&T Mexico can become more agile and reduce capital expenditures and operating costs while adopting a flexible foundation for innovation”.

AT&T Mexico embarked on its move to shift key IT and business processes to OCI in March 2023.

In September 2023, Amdocs and Oracle agreed to expand a collaboration involving OCI, citing benefits for communications and media companies.


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