Avalanche Studios Announces Layoffs and Studio Closures

June 4, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Avalanche Studios Group, known for its popular Just Cause series, is undergoing significant restructuring. The company will lay off 50 employees and close its US and Canadian studios. This move will reduce Avalanche’s total workforce by about nine percent.

Studios Shutting Down

Avalanche Studios Announces Layoffs and Studio Closures

The closures will affect Avalanche’s studios in New York and Montreal, leaving the company with locations in Stockholm and Malmo in Sweden, and Liverpool in the UK. Avalanche stated, “This is an exceptionally difficult decision, but we believe it’s necessary to ensure a stable future for the company.”

Avalanche has expressed gratitude for the contributions of the departing employees and is focused on supporting them through this challenging period. “We’re grateful for the invaluable contributions of those leaving and remain committed to creating incredible gaming experiences for our players,” the company added.

Avalanche celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023 and is known for developing open-world games. Besides Just Cause, it created the 2015 Mad Max game and co-developed 2019’s Rage 2. The announcement to open the Canadian office came just last October, following the acquisition of Monster Closet, a Montreal-based studio founded by veteran developers from Ubisoft.


The company is currently working on Contraband, set to be published by Xbox Game Studios for console and PC.


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