Base From Coinbase About to Explode With Liquidity as Most Hyped Airdrop Is Coming

April 27, 2024 | by

In the world of crypto, all eyes are on Base, the Layer-2 solution from Coinbase, as it braces for a substantial liquidity injection from the highly anticipated airdrop. Speculation is rife as enthusiasts eagerly await the influx of liquidity coinciding with Coinbase’s upcoming earnings report, which reveals Base’s impressive $50 million revenue generation.


The imminent launch of the token airdrop, slated for April 29, has sent ripples of excitement through the community. A sneak peek provided by offers tantalizing glimpses into what users can expect from the platform’s latest developments.

Among the notable features teased is the launch and integration of the Friend token directly in the app. Additionally, users can anticipate an experience with the introduction of a search bar for both friends and their own tokens, hinting at enhanced usability and accessibility.

Perhaps most intriguing is the mention of a window for farming and claymation of rewards. While details remain scarce, conjecture suggests potential opportunities for token staking, yield farming, or liquidity provision within the ecosystem.

What is, operating on the Base network, has captivated the crypto space with its innovative approach centered around purchasing shares of specific users, granting access to engage in chats with them. This unique premise has attracted significant attention, especially from crypto influencers, amplifying the platform’s popularity.

With a staggering 900,000 unique accounts already onboarded, continues to surge in prominence, drawing even more interest with the recent entry of renowned figures.


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