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March 29, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Bianca emailed us this review and graciously allowed us to share it! 

“I have slowly converted my family to all-natural products starting from our detergent right down to my lip gloss, and you’re butters were a beautiful addition as it has become an everyday all-in-one product.

Let me just say, that I have been using your product on my 10 month old since he was about a month, first in response to terrible cradle cap but then just straight up baptizing my chocolate baby in the buttery goodness and we receive endless compliments about how beautiful his skin is and how great the cradle cap cleared, even a few compliments from a dermatologist friend who loves how hydrated and vibrant his skin is.

My husband is the rugged type and often needed reminders to moisturize his skin after a shower, when I realized that he too could benefit from a butter baptism. I separated him from the goopy baby oil gel that gave him the glow that made his melanin pop but sat on his skin and then left it ashen in a few short hours. And then  I put him on to the butters and he has never looked back.  His beautiful skin glows and is moisturized for hours and even if he misses a day, I find that his skin doesn’t get dry. As for me, moisturizing my skin after a shower has always been a ritual that I indulged in. I love when my skin is smooth with a radiant glow. Your butters make me feel beautiful and royal, my skin beams with radiance and it’s smooth and supple.

Thank you Bianca! Reviews like this let us know we are achieving our goal of being a staple for healthy, glowing, hydrated skin! Shop now!


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