BitePRO Debuts STRONGTEX, A Cutting-Edge Anti-Ligature Clothing Collection

April 11, 2024 | by

Last Updated on: 10th April 2024, 04:39 pm

BitePRO, a leader in protective clothing, has today unveiled STRONGTEX, an innovative range of advanced anti-ligature clothing.

The company has earned widespread acclaim for its commitment to the safety of healthcare practitioners, other front-line professionals, and individuals at risk.

The company’s Founder and CEO, Robert Kaiser, stated: “We had two key objectives that led to the creation of STRONGTEX. Primarily, we wanted to reduce the risk of individuals taking their own lives within healthcare and custodial settings. Secondly, we wanted to achieve that by creating a range of dependable and comfortable anti-ligature clothing. We know that comfort is extremely important, as it will help support individuals wearing such garment in retaining their identity, dignity and promote their recovery. It will also help to increase their sense of self-worth, especially when the garment is being worn over a longer period.”

He further commented: “We believe that the more comfortable such a garment is, the less severe the behavioural disturbance the person may demonstrate, and that this likely will to reduce the risk that person may represent to themselves and others.”

The public is encouraged to watch a video interview with BitePRO’s CEO Robert Kaiser and Director of Business Development Jim Still, which can be found at

Constructed from a highly robust fabric, STRONGTEX garments are designed to prevent the wearer from forming a ligature long enough to attach to an anchoring point or to ingest, thereby mitigating the risk of self-harm or suicide among those involuntarily confined in healthcare or penal institutions.

STRONGTEX garments are washable at 71°C, fire-resistant, durable, and tear-resistant. They have been thoroughly tested to meet international standards such as ISO 13937, which assesses fabric tear strength.

Future plans for BitePRO include introducing personalisation features for the garments, potentially incorporating new colour options or design alterations. Additionally, anti-ligature bedding is anticipated to augment the STRONGTEX line by the autumn/winter of 2024.


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