Brentwood Borough Council increases electric vehicle charging points – Zapmap

June 4, 2024 | by

Brentwood Borough Council has increased its electric vehicle (EV) charging provision by adding 22 new Believ charge points across the borough.

The chargers are located at two key sites: Chatham Way Car Park and King George’s Playing Fields.

Chatham Way Car Park now features 8 chargers which includes 4 fast charging points and 4 rapid charging points. 

King George’s Playing Fields has been equipped with 14 chargers, including 4 fast charge points in the car park adjacent to the entrance from Ingrave Road, 6 rapid charging points, and 4 fast charging points in the central car park. 

“This marks yet another stride toward making Brentwood a more environmentally friendly and sustainable borough,” said Councillor Barry Aspinell, Chair of the Clean and Green Committee.

“Recognising the role of expanding Brentwood’s EV charging network in our journey towards achieving net zero, the Council is pleased to introduce these public charging points, aiming to provide support for our residents. 

“Our commitment is for further EV charging points to be installed in other Brentwood car parks, including Ingatestone. This initiative not only plays a significant role in diminishing the area’s carbon footprint but also enhances air quality, particularly in our town centres.”

Believ and Zapmap share a live data partnership which enables users of the Zapmap app and web map to access the live status and availability of Believ charge points at any time, making planning for charging even easier.

“It is fantastic to see Brentwood scaling up its publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure with such commitment to supporting residents and visitors in making the switch to electric,” said Guy Bartlett, Believ CEO.

“The Believ team is very proud to support Brentwood in creating and implementing a well-thought-out strategy that delivers amixture of charging speeds, according to the specific location’s needs.”




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