Can You Combine Flexible And Regular Solar Panels? – SlashGear

March 30, 2024 | by

Flexible solar panels are, well, what the name implies. They are thinner and more lightweight than standard solar panels, which leads to some panels even being as “flexible” as the name suggests — with some ultra-thin panels even as small as stickers. Because of their thin form factor, flexible solar panels can be much cheaper to produce and install than standard ones. This also makes them easier to move from one place to another, which makes flexible solar panels ideal for RVs and boats constantly on the move.

The downside to a flexible solar panel is that they have limited power compared to standard ones. This means flexible solar panels are not best suited to power a home, as the limited power and lower efficiency means you’d need more panels spread out over a much larger area than standard panels. You can certainly combine the two types of solar panels in any configuration as long as your home or site of installation can accommodate both, but that will depend on the efficiency you require from both panels. Using both types of panels will also largely depend on why you might need both affixed and flexible solar panels in the first place, versus just using standard panels entirely.

What kind of panel suits you best depends on what exactly you want it for. If you want a more permanent solution to help offset the cost of powering your home, you may want to stick with traditional panels. If you value mobility and a thin form factor for whatever scenario, then flexible panels are worth looking into.


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