Capgemini, DARPA to Collaborate on Carbon Capture Application of Quantum Computing – ExecutiveBiz

May 30, 2024 | by

Capgemini Government Solutions will collaborate with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on a project aimed at exploring the use of quantum computing in carbon capture as part of DARPA’s Advanced Research Concept initiative.

Under DARPA’s ARC topic IMPAQT, which stands for Imagining Practical Applications for a Quantum Tomorrow, the company said Wednesday it will explore quantum algorithms and simulation to generate results that could be used in data-driven modeling for carbon capture and storage applications.

Capgemini will support the IMPAQT project with DARPA through its Quantum Lab and team of experts in quantum computing, computational chemistry, applied modeling and simulation.

Khalid Sebti, managing director at Capgemini Engineering in the Americas, said the collaboration with DARPA provides the company an opportunity to work with the U.S. government in advancing sustainability efforts and fostering a greener future.


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