Catalonia’s Bulletin Addresses “Interest” Topics with Drought Monograph

February 6, 2024 | by

The Generalitat has announced the launch of a new bulletin that will be published every 15 days. This bulletin will address issues that are of interest to citizens. The first edition of the bulletin is dedicated to the topic of drought.

The bulletin, titled ‘FROM [DINS]’, aims to provide government information directly to the citizens, without any intermediaries. The goal is to inform the people of Catalonia about the topics that are of greatest concern to them.

In the first edition of the bulletin, there is an interview with the director of the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), Samuel Reyes. Additionally, there is a water footprint calculator included, as well as the Generalitat’s road map to ensure that the region does not depend on rain in the future.

The bulletin will be a valuable source of information for the people of Catalonia, providing them with insights into important issues such as drought. It will be published regularly to keep the citizens informed about various topics of interest.

The launch of this bulletin demonstrates the Generalitat’s commitment to transparency and direct communication with the people. By providing information without intermediaries, the government aims to ensure that the citizens have access to accurate and relevant information.

The inclusion of the water footprint calculator in the bulletin is particularly noteworthy, as it will help individuals understand their water usage and its impact on the environment. This tool can empower people to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives.

The interview with the director of the Catalan Water Agency provides valuable insights into the efforts being made to address the issue of drought in the region. It highlights the government’s proactive approach to managing water resources and ensuring water security for the future.

The Generalitat’s road map to reduce dependence on rain is an important initiative that will have long-term implications for the region. By taking proactive measures to address the challenges posed by drought, the government is demonstrating its commitment to ensuring the well-being of the people of Catalonia.

Overall, the launch of the ‘FROM [DINS]’ bulletin is a positive step towards enhancing communication between the government and the citizens. It will serve as a valuable platform for sharing important information and engaging the public on various issues of interest. The regular publication of the bulletin will ensure that the people of Catalonia are well-informed about the government’s initiatives and efforts to address important challenges such as drought.

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