ChatGPT App and Apple Vision Pro Means AI In Augmented Reality For Creators

February 8, 2024 | by

OpenAI has released a VisionOS ChatGPT app for the Apple Vision Pro. You knew artificial intelligence would figure into the new Apple device, and this is another milestone. It’s already available in the visionOS App Store.

This was announced by Open AI on X, showing an example of someone using it in the Vision Pro headset.

This is important for us as creators, because the Apple Vision Pro has focused on a lot of workspace features. So including the ChatGPT app in this environment means that we can all start using it within Apple’s new augmented reality device.

Working in an augmented reality environment means a spatial computing approach to work.

Imagine surrounding your desk with screens. Add a swivel chair and you can have a 360° environment to keep multiple apps, websites and resources at the ready as you evolve a new idea or manage your workflow.

The ChatGPT app for the Vision Pro lets you chat with OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo model. You can ask questions, get answers, get advice, and create images and text right in the app.

The newChatGPT app for Vision Pro is a living up for OpenAI, and how we use it. It’s a look into the changing landscape of human-AI collaboration, creating interactions that are smoother and more instinctive.

Instead of typing our chat input, the coming years will see us increasingly conversing directly with AI assistants in an augmented reality metaverse.


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