Chrysler Teases – An Electric Car? A Flying Saucer? A Sci-Fi Cartoon Show? – Kelley Blue Book

February 9, 2024 | by

Chrysler currently ties for the smallest lineup of any automaker selling cars in America. But the brand is teasing plans for a vehicle that will launch it into an all-electric future. It might even be some sort of car.

Automakers sometimes tease the reveal of a new car with photos that hide most details about what’s coming. But Chrysler is taking that to a new level with this image, which could be nearly anything.

The company promises it’s “a new, innovative concept car” meant to “provide an advance look at one potential path of the brand’s all-electric future.” Additional teaser images will come Friday and the following Monday.

We’d love to speculate on what they’ll show, but we can’t confirm this is even automotive.

Chrysler dealers have surprisingly few models to sell. Headed into its 100th anniversary as a brand next year and with a firmly established place in the American mind, it’s not going anywhere. But the brand has never had so light an identity.

The Chrysler 300 sedan was canceled last year, though dealers still have a healthy supply of them in stock. That leaves the Pacifica minivan as the only Chrysler product still in production.

The brand has shown off a concept previewing its electric future once before. Chrysler unveiled the Airflow concept, a low-slung, aggressive crossover that looked like a more streamlined Kia EV6 before that car arrived. But Chrysler, under new leadership, later shelved both the concept and the name.

The model that will take its place is emerging slowly. We expect to know more later this week.

Once the concept appears, production shouldn’t be far behind. Chrysler promises “an electrified transformation that will launch the brand’s first battery-electric vehicle in 2025 and an all-electric portfolio in 2028.”


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