Circle to Search and other Galaxy AI features are rolling out to Galaxy S23 and more this week

March 27, 2024 | by

The Galaxy S24’s big selling point is the suite of Galaxy AI generative AI features that Samsung built into its first Galaxy flagships of the year. Circle to Search is one of the highlights of Galaxy AI. It’s a feature that Google only launched on the Galaxy S24 and the Pixel 8. 

Samsung confirmed during the Galaxy S24 Unpacked event that more Galaxy flagships would receive Galaxy AI features down the road but didn’t share a date at the time. Thankfully, the company announced a rollout plan for Circle to Search and Galaxy AI on Tuesday.

As expected, the Galaxy S23 series and other 2023 Samsung flagship devices will support Galaxy AI via the imminent One UI 6.1 software update.

I like Circle to Search the most of all the Galaxy AI features. It’s easily the Galaxy S24’s most useful AI feature and one I’d use regularly. I’m actually dying to see it on the iPhone at some point in the future. As the name implies, all you have to do is perform a circle gesture on the screen to search the web for more information about the contents of that circle. 

It could be a piece of text, a part of an image, or something you just saw in a video. The AI will recognize the objects in that circle and try to find relevant information online. Since searching the web for information is how most people use the web, Circle to Search is a feature I’d definitely use on supported devices. 


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