City to deploy state-of-the-art buses with wireless charging tech: ‘Electrifying public transit was the top priority’

March 16, 2024 | by

Exciting news for eco-conscious commuters in Washington state: Seattle just became the first U.S. city to deploy double-decker electric buses with wireless charging.

The city’s public transit agency, Sound Transit, just ordered 48 sleek new electric buses to hit the streets in 2026. Even more exciting? Thirty-three of them will be double-deckers, marking a first for the U.S.

These fancy double-decker electric buses will zip you to your destination pollution-free, with plenty of space to stretch out. Fifteen of those buses are extra-long — measuring a whopping 60 feet — to ensure there’s always room for you and your crew.

According to King County, the 60-foot coaches can travel approximately 140 miles on a full charge when loaded to approximately a full passenger load. The 40-foot coaches are able to travel about 220 miles when charged.

These green machines will juice up using 13 inductive wireless chargers, straight from the ground at charging pads across the city. There are no annoying cables to deal with. Leave it to Seattle to make going electric feel like magic.

By riding these new electric buses, you’ll be helping power Stride, Sound Transit’s upcoming bus rapid transit system. It’s set to connect communities north, east, and south of picturesque Lake Washington along Interstate 405. And since the Puget Sound area already gets nearly half its electricity from renewable sources, every ride puts you closer to a cleaner future.

InductEV, the company behind the wireless charging technology, will soon have its systems on around 100 buses across the state.

Hopping on an electric bus means giving your car a break, keeping the air fresh, and telling Big Oil to take a hike. Talk about small choices adding up.

According to the city of Seattle, the all-electric fleet has been in the works since 2020.

“In 2020, King County announced its purchase of next-generation, battery-electric buses, with 40 in service at the end of 2022,” according to the city’s website.

“We learned through community outreach that electrifying public transit was the top priority of Seattle’s Black, Indigenous and People of Color, immigrant, refugee, and low-income communities who experience the most health and environmental harms from gas and diesel-powered vehicle emissions.”

Next time you’re in Seattle, keep an eye out for a shiny new double-decker — it just might be your ticket to an ultra-comfy, guilt-free commute.

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