Corsair Launches Custom Lab for Personalized Gaming Gear

June 5, 2024 | by

Corsair Launches Custom Lab for Personalized Gaming Gear

Corsair has introduced the Custom Lab, a new service that allows gamers to personalize their gear. This innovative feature enables users to create unique designs for peripherals like mice, keyboards, and mousepads.

Custom Lab

Corsair Custom Lab is a platform where you can customize your gaming accessories. You can design your peripherals by choosing colors, adding text, and even including logos. This allows you to create a setup that reflects your personality and style.

How Does It Work

The Custom Lab configurator is easy to use. Start with a specific product or an overall design. You can customize different parts of each item, ensuring a truly personalized setup. The configurator shows real-time updates, so you can see exactly how your product will look.

Available Products

Currently, you can customize the M75 Wireless mouse, K65 Plus Wireless keyboard, and MM300 mousepad. More products will be added soon. Each item offers various customization options, allowing for thousands of unique combinations.

The Custom Lab offers high-quality products with the added benefit of personalization. You don’t sacrifice performance for style. Your custom gear will perform just as well as the standard versions.


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