Data Access Control in SAP Datasphere – Hierarchy DAC

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Following up on my previous blogs, this is the last blog that will show a step-by-step configuration for the ‘Hierarchy’ DAC and the outcome of the configuration, it is quite useful functionality especially when we want to apply security on an organization or gl account dimension

The other two types of DAC configuration are explained in the other two blogs

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Disclaimer: all the data created are for demo purposes, the approach is used to demo the functionality of the DAC configuration, not intended for production design or usage

  • Hierarchy DAC

We will first create a hierarchy view with a parent-child structure, below is the hierarchy structure

This is the hierarchy view


Let’s create a dimension that contains all the suburbs, cities, states, and country, my ID was only assigned to NSW, and the dimension is associated with hierarchy view


Create a DAC view


Insert one record with my ID only assigned to NSW node


Create a Data Access Control artifact and select the DAC hierarchy view, select the hierarchy entity and Criterion Column from created DAC hierarchy view


Create a fact view that has costs assigned to each leaf


In the fact view, associate to dimension view and apply Data Access 


Create an Analytics model on top of the fact view


Go to SAP Analytics cloud and create a simple story on top of the analytical model, we can see only NSW node and its children posting visible to my user ID


This is my blog on DAC of SAP Datasphere, feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have, thank you for your time


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