Disneyland Resort Honored with SEAL Award for Sustainable Foods Program

May 23, 2024 | by magnews24.com

The Disneyland Resort is committed to eco-friendly initiatives that make a positive difference in supporting the environment and protecting the planet. The Sustainable Food Systems program at the Disneyland Resort is an example of this mission. The program helps with growing lower-carbon food offerings, expanding demand for climate-friendly foods and engaging with suppliers. From blended burgers in Tomorrowland to plant-based offerings at Goofy’s Kitchen and Paradise Garden Grill, Disneyland Resort is proud to integrate climate-friendly food and beverage offerings into diverse menus packed with flavor and plenty of magic! As a result, the Disneyland Resort aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food systems by 30% by 2030.

These commitments to eco-friendly menu offerings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions recently earned Disneyland Resort its fourth SEAL Business Sustainability Award. SEAL stands for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership. This environmental initiative award recognizes programs that move the needle on environmental progress, pointing toward an eco-friendlier future.

The 2024 recognition acknowledges the resort’s innovative Sustainable Food Systems program, which includes the Sustainable Culinary Fellowship. The Sustainable Culinary Fellowship program was created by the environmental sustainability team. The year-long program focuses on menu development, sourcing and partner engagement as well as waste reduction. The chefs in this Fellowship are working toward the company goal of net zero emissions for direct operations by 2030. Imagine everything it takes to grow and harvest a vegetable or raise an animal before it is ready to be served. All the farming, processing, and transportation along the way is a large part of what is known as the value chain, and those activities release greenhouse gas emissions. By creating plant-based dishes and processes that reduce waste, chefs can help reduce emissions.

As a result of their work in the Fellowship, chefs have brought fan-favorite, sustainable offerings to the resort, including the Dinoco Blue Cheese Burger at Flo’s V8 Café in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park. The burger features a lower-carbon, angus beef & mushroom patty. Early impact metrics indicate that new climate friendly offerings developed by these culinary fellows result in 20% to 80% less carbon emissions in their life cycle than traditional menu offerings. With the creativity of these culinary visionaries, eating sustainably is both tasty and environmentally tactical — a treat for guests and chefs alike.

Magic and storytelling lie at the heart of Disneyland Resort — and improving food sustainability comes with embracing the culture and story of food. As The Walt Disney Company continues to work towards its environmental goals for 2030, over 35,000 Disneyland Resort cast members are uniting to demonstrate the power of creating happiness to build a more sustainable world.

Through programs like this, Disney continues working to reduce their environmental footprint, while maintaining care for wildlife and their habitats, and creating stories that inspire action. This is all part of a collective effort known as Disney Planet Possible – tangible actions that Disney is taking to put possibility into practice and inspire optimism for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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