Do you want to know how you can unlock the potential of AI?

June 11, 2024 | by

🌀In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, everyone is keen on integrating Artificial Intelligence into their workflows; yet starting with a clear purpose is crucial. But: How to know where and how to start? 

The SAP AppHaus created two innovative workshop formats, the Business AI Explore and Business AI Discover/Design, crafted to guide people in identifying and defining impactful AI use cases tailored to their specific needs. The workshops emphasize that first of all, you need to understand the existing business challenges. Only then you can find out how AI might enhance your workflows and operations.


In this webinar, Karen Detken, creator of both the Business AI Discover/Design and the Business AI Explore workshop, will offer a comprehensive overview of both formats, provide practical examples, actionable tips, and share where to access the materials for conducting your own workshops.

📣Join us on June 18th to discover how you can effectively harness generative AI, and what you need consider beforehand.

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