• The second-generation GAC Aion V boasts a complete redesign with a new platform (AEP) and liquid-cooled electric powertrain.
  • Despite claiming inspiration from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Aion V features a friendly appearance and generic profile.
  • Unlike its predecessor, the new compact-sized electric SUV will be offered in global markets.

Move over, Tyrannosaurus Rex, the future of ferocious electric vehicles has arrived – well, sort of. GAC unveiled the second-gen Aion V electric SUV at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, and let’s just say the designers took some creative liberties with a, shall we say, slightly spore-based interpretation of the king of the Cretaceous.

You see, the designers claim the new Aion V’s exterior draws inspiration from the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which explains the rather perplexing presence of a robotic dinosaur figure at the show. However, unlike its namesake, the EV sports a friendly face and a, well, rather generic profile.

Thankfully, the Aion V boasts a more practical innovation: a brand-new platform architecture. This shift signals GAC’s global ambitions, pushing the electric SUV past its familiar stomping grounds in China.

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Similarities with the previous generation are limited to the raised beltline on the profile and the grille-less nose; everything else has changed. The SUV measures 4,605 mm (181.3 inches) long and has a 2,775 mm (109.3 inches) wheelbase, making it slightly larger than a Ford Escape.

The second-gen Aion V rides on the new AEP modular architecture, developed in-house by GAC. The underpinnings are said to offer 20 percent more interior space compared to other similarly-sized vehicles, thanks to the clever packaging and the liquid-cooled electric powertrain.

GAC Aion

The compact SUV comes equipped with a single electric motor producing 181 horsepower (135 kW / 184 PS). Energy is stored in a CATL battery pack, providing 750 km (466 miles) of CLTC driving range. It’s also designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F). Despite utilizing a 400V architecture, the battery can add as much as 370 km (230 miles) of driving range in just 15 minutes of charging.

GAC Aion has yet to reveal the interior of the new model, which promises to be technology-packed, adapting to the needs of each user thanks to AI. The front and rear seats can fold flat, transforming into a double bed, making the SUV suitable for camping, especially when combined with the built-in refrigerator. Additionally, the model comes equipped with the ADiGO Pilot ADAS suite, utilizing 11 cameras, 5 radars, and a roof-mounted LiDAR sensor.

Sales of the new GAC Aion V will commence in China in July 2024, with plans to expand to other markets thereafter. GAC Aion has already launched in Southeast Asian countries and aims to further expand its presence in the future. In pursuit of becoming a global brand, GAC will open new factories in Thailand and Indonesia.

Chinese media have reported that the company is developing a variant of the GAC Aion V that could be sold with Toyota branding in China, as part of the GAC-Toyota joint venture. As noted by our readers, the similarities between the GAC Aion V and the Toyota bZ3X concept strongly suggest that the production version of the latter will ride on shared underpinnings.

GAC Aion / Weibo