Dune London teams with OneStock and Tryzens for seamless and personalised shopping journeys — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

March 27, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Dune London has implemented OneStock’s order management system (OMS), after consultation with digital commerce agency Tryzens.

Dune London has embarked on a journey to revolutionise and redefine its retail operations across online and offline channels, with the aim of providing a fully omnichannel experience for its customers.

Andy Grainger, Digital Director at Dune London, comments: “In today’s fast-paced retail environment, staying ahead of customer expectations is key.”

“Our collaboration with OneStock and Tryzens enables us to create a seamless and personalised shopping journey for our customers. It’s more than an operational upgrade; it’s a step towards realising our vision of offering a truly omnichannel experience.”

By implementing OneStock OMS, Dune says that it gains access to a set of tools that are tailored towards facilitating the needs of modern retail.

These tools bring a host of benefits to the fore, in particular the ability to streamline store fulfilment operations, leveraging inventory data for efficient order processing directly from stores.

Dune can now utilise its entire store estate as a fulfilment channel, turning its physical stores into key assets in its omnichannel strategy.  

Joe Till, Sales Director at OneStock, says: “This strategic initiative allows us to not only help Dune London streamline its internal processes to improve order management, store fulfilment and operational efficiencies, but also empowers their store teams to drive sales.”


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