DYK: World Migratory Bird Day Highlights SFWMD’s Efforts to Restore Natural Ecosystems

May 14, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Did you know the South Florida Water Management District works year-round to restore and protect natural ecosystems that provide important habitat for migratory birds as they travel through the region?

In recognition of World Migratory Bird Day, we are highlighting the SFWMD’s continued efforts to support and improve wildlife habitat through ecosystem restoration and effective land management.

South Florida is often the last stop for birds on their flight to the Caribbean and Central and South America. SFWMD lands serve as important stopover sites for birds to rest, refuel and seek shelter during their migration. The SFWMD manages over 90,000 acres of stormwater treatment areas and constructed wetlands that provide habitat for migratory birds. In addition, the SFWMD is the steward for more than one million acres of public lands and the activities are consistent with natural resources protection. 

Ensuring the protection of birds on our project sites is very important, including when these projects are being constructed. The SFWMD’s wildlife management staff conduct comprehensive Wildlife Awareness Trainings for staff and contractors that cover:

  • The importance of the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
  • State and federally listed species that could be encountered on a project site. 
  • How to avoid disturbing or otherwise negatively impacting these species and nesting activities.

In addition to trainings, SFWMD staff also monitor project sites for birds and other wildlife while instituting protection measures such as reduced speed limits and buffer zones on project sites. You may even notice barriers, instructions and signage to alert site visitors of nearby protected species. It’s also important to note that surveys and monitoring events throughout construction and operation activities are completed under the appropriate state and federal protocols to ensure the protection of our natural resources and wildlife.


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