Flatiron Health partners with MUSC to assist oncology care clinicians

March 16, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Flatiron Assist has over 700 oncologist users and has been leveraged in over 90k treatment decisions

Flatiron Health is a healthcare technology and services company focused on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. Its Flatiron Assist is an oncology-specific clinical decision support platform that gives clinicians treatment insights at the point of care via an EHR-integrated decision-support tool. 

The company will be expanding its reach as it announced a partnership earlier this week with Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) to bring Flatiron Assist to oncology care clinicians at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center.

“Flatiron and MUSC have a shared goal of leveraging technology, specifically Flatiron Assist, to improve cancer care and create a more equitable health system and generate positive outcomes for patients as well as insights to oncology care clinicians at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center,” James Hamrick, MD, Vice President of Clinical Oncology at Flatiron Health, told VatorNews. 

“Flatiron and MUSC are dedicated to improving care for patients with cancer, equipping care providers and clinicians with tools to drive positive outcomes for patients and providing equitable access for cutting edge treatments.”

The collaboration between Flatiron Health and MUSC will give clinicians advanced cancer care insights from Flatiron Assist, which will be integrated directly into MUSC’s EHR, Epic, and will be launched to physicians at the point of care. Flatiron Assist surfaces NCCN Guidelines, clinical research, and site-specific preferences directly within the EHR to support physicians as they make treatment ordering decisions.

“Partnering with the Medical University of South Carolina’s Hollings Cancer Center provides us with an opportunity to accelerate our shared vision for the delivery of more standardized, efficient, and effective cancer care,” said Hamrick.

Currently, Flatiron Assist has over 700 medical oncologist users and has been leveraged in over 90,000 treatment decisions. It has shown an 88% concordance with NCCN guidelines and 85% use of site-preferred regimens. Flatiron Assist users also adopt novel therapies an average of 59 days sooner than non-Flatiron Assist users.

“Flatiron Assist will support streamlined administrative and pharmacy workflows, enhanced financial performance  along with improved patient outcomes at MUSC. This clinical decision support tool will also help standardize quality care across providers, enabling faster, effective and more equitable care for cancer patients,” Hamrick explained. 

For Flatiron, the success of the partnership with MUSC is defined by widespread adoption and satisfaction of Flatiron Assist among MUSC’s medical oncologists, he said. 

“Flatiron Assist will introduce new functions and use cases to support and positively impact the evolution of technology in cancer care at MUSC, with the ultimate goal of positively impacting patient outcomes.”


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