From Runway to Living Room: Fashion Trends for Your Home

May 2, 2024 | by

Chic designer trends that often begin on the runways of Paris and New York often have a way of winding up in your home. The haute couture of 2024 is no exception, and the design experts at Better Homes & Gardens say to be on the lookout for the following fashion trends making an appearance in home decor.

Sequins. Providing a shimmering, eye-catching look, sequins are making a statement in fashion this year, whether you’re headed out clubbing or to the office. There are several fun ways to incorporate the trend into your home decor. Try a sequined pillow or throw on the sofa, hang a sparkly piece of wall art or go bold and suspend a disco ball in the living room.

Preppy. The Spring runways were scattered with tailored looks, from button-downs to blazers. This classic and traditional look has long been a staple of home decor, but level it up this year with preppy color palettes, such as navy and pink, conservative patterns and fabrics, as well as equestrian and coastal motifs. 

Nature and oil paintings. Fashion designers tapped into the look and feel of pastoral and idyllic oil paintings to inspire floral patterns. This will translate to the home by way of oil paintings, nature-themed art, and country and ethereal floral patterns. 

Leopard prints. Seeing a major resurgence in 2024, leopard prints have long been a classic look among the fashion world. Bring this versatile pattern into your home in a subtle way via an accent lamp or area rug, or in a major way with curtains and wallpaper.

Fringe. Many of the top fashion houses led their spring lines with fringe, which has been popular in home decor for the past several years. Incorporate the trend even further this year by decorating with fringe lampshades, pillows, comforters and more. 


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