Gemini is making its way onto Google Messages – Phandroid

March 28, 2024 | by

Last month, Google announced that they will be bringing its Gemini AI to its Google Messages app. The good news is that if you’re a beta tester for Google Messages, it looks like Google has started to roll out the feature for some users.

So what will this feature do for users? Basically Gemini in Google Messages acts like a super smart chatbot. You can ask it questions, like draft messages for you based on prompts, explain something, and more. It is similar to how Gemini works on the web. The main advantage here is that you can access it in Google Messages.

So if you’re chatting with someone, you don’t have to leave the app and open another app or the web to access Google’s AI. Keep in mind that your conversations with Gemini aren’t end-to-end encrypted. If that doesn’t bother you then we suppose it’s fine. Beta users who want to access the feature will also need to have RCS enabled.

They will also need to own a Pixel 6 or later, a Pixel Fold, the Samsung Galaxy S22 or later, or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold. Also, it seems that it is only available in 165 countries with English set (French is available but only in Canada). The rollout seems to be done in a gradual phase. If you don’t see it yet, don’t worry, it should eventually make its way to you.


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