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May 5, 2024 | by

[Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from the recent Retail TouchPoints Tech Guide, 3 Ways Generative AI is Transforming Brand Experiences. Subject matter experts from Cloudinary also will be discussing the use of generative AI as a tool for image management during the May 7, 2024 webcast, Getting Practical: Generative AI for Your Ecommerce Visuals.]

Generative AI can be a truly magical tool, helping unlock the creative process for brands of all sizes. If you’re completely new to gen AI and want to understand the implications for you and your team, Daniel Amitai, Cloudinary’s VP of Innovation, offers some helpful insights:

1. Gen AI Can Drive Creativity or Efficiency

Gen AI-powered solutions can create varying results. To remedy this, one must keep in mind that “the prompt is mightier than the pen.” When writing prompts for generative AI tools, stay focused on your goals. Continually ask yourself what you are looking for. Is it only creative variation? Or are you seeking a precise or predictive result? Your goals also will impact the tools you will want to use as well as the level of detail you write into your prompts.

2. Factor the Rapid Evolution of AI into Your Strategy

The pace of AI evolution is by any measure staggering; it is nearly impossible to keep up with. The text-to-image capabilities of platforms like Midjourney have become incredibly sophisticated. The quality of both images and videos is becoming better. Now, any user can create content at scale. Figuring out which tools best meet your unique needs is as easy as running a few experiments. Tap into some of the mainstream platforms and run a few prompts. Note the difference in outputs as your prompts get more detailed and specific. Then, test prompts that align with your brand’s creative needs.


3. Embed AI Solutions into Your Workflows

Given the adaptability of gen AI tools and capabilities, they can be integrated into your existing tech stack and production workflows. Additionally, if your brand has a vast library of visual content, you can use gen AI to repurpose these assets by creating color variations, managing version control and enhancing customer experiences. You can even automate sophisticated editing tasks, such as switching out products and removing unwanted elements. AI-powered automations free your creative teams to focus on higher-value work. To determine which of your workflows will benefit most from automation, develop a list of use cases based on your business needs and pain points. This will help you narrow your focus on possible solutions.

To learn more, download the Tech Guide and register for the May 7 webcast, Getting Practical: Generative AI for Your Ecommerce Visuals.


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