‘GMA’ Star Michael Strahan Celebrated His Daughter Isabella and Fans Are Emotional

May 30, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Over the last several months, Good Morning America host Michael Strahan has been by his daughter Isabella Strahan‘s side as she undergoes treatment for medulloblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer. Well, the TV personality is celebrating a major milestone with her, and she documented the moment for everyone to see.

In a vlog posted on Isabella’s YouTube channel on May 28, the Strahan family got together to celebrate Isabella and her twin sister Sophia Strahan‘s belated 19th birthdays, which occurred six months earlier on October 28.

As the sisters posed with Michael and their friend Dallas, Isabella documented the group decorating homemade cupcakes, singing “Happy Birthday” and marking the occasion they couldn’t enjoy earlier due to her beginning treatment.

“We’re doing a little birthday celebration because I was not conscious for my 19th birthday,” Isabella explained while resting after her third round of chemotherapy. “So we’re doing a little birthday thing about six months later.”

What’s more, Isabella detailed how excited she was for the summer, as she revealed she has just one more round of treatment after undergoing three brain surgeries, three rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

“I just want it to be June already,” she added. “That’s the thing, I just wait around for the next time I get chemo and I’m kind of scared once I’m done, how I’m gonna go back to normal life. Because I feel like there’s always gonna be another treatment or something I have to do. But that’s a later problem. Otherwise, I’m doing good.”

Upon seeing the Strahan family mark Isabella and Sophia’s 19th birthday, people swarmed the comments section with belated wishes online.

“Many, many more Isabella … beautiful twins!! Happy birthday. ❤️,” one person wrote on YouTube. “You and your sister relationship is so precious. I’m so happy you have each other. May you both continue to be blessed. Send you continued prayers ❤️,” another penned. “Happy Belated Birthday 🎉 Cupcakes look great!!! Thanks for sharing your day, Ladies ❤️❤️❤️,” a different viewer added.

Viewers know that Michael and Isabella first revealed her cancer diagnosis to the public on GMA in January, where Isabella discussed her treatment plan and how she was faring with the health battle. Since then, Michael has spent a lot of time with her and Sophia, including celebrating Mother’s Day with his daughters and his mom, Louise.


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