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June 11, 2024 | by

GoDaddy Launches AI-Powered Search Tool

GoDaddy has launched AI-powered domain search tool. This innovative technology streamlines the domain name selection process for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, making it easier than ever to find the perfect web address that reflects their brand identity and drives online success.

GoDaddy is revolutionizing the domain search experience with cutting-edge AI technology, making it easier for individuals, organizations, and businesses to find the perfect domain name. The AI Domain Search feature provides personalized domain suggestions tailored to each user’s specific requirements, enabling better branding opportunities and increasing visibility to potential customers.

Users can simply input a brief description or relevant keywords, and instantly receive a range of creative and unique domain name options that resonate with their brand identity and objectives. Leveraging generative AI, GoDaddy delivers customized and memorable domain name suggestions based on the user’s business description, concept, or offerings.

“GoDaddy is dedicated to empowering small business owners with AI-driven solutions to establish and expand their ventures,” explained Selina Bieber, Vice President for International Markets at GoDaddy. “Our AI Domain Search tool streamlines the domain selection process, empowering entrepreneurs to establish a robust online presence and effectively engage with their target audience.”

This innovation builds upon the success of GoDaddy Studio with AI, a tool that enables effortless creation of professional-grade content for businesses and personal brands. With GoDaddy Studio, anyone can produce compelling content without the need for advanced design skills, enhancing their online presence across social media platforms, websites, customer communications, and more.

In line with its commitment to supporting small businesses, GoDaddy offers the Prompt Library, a resource that educates entrepreneurs on leveraging AI to optimize workflows and drive business growth. This comprehensive collection aids entrepreneurs in various tasks, including content creation, social media management, and customer service enhancement.

GoDaddy AI Domain Search is accessible to all, catering to seasoned entrepreneurs and first-time ventures alike. To harness the capabilities of GoDaddy’s AI Domain Search, visit: With this intuitive tool, entrepreneurs can embark on their online journey with confidence, setting the stage for success.


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