Google Keep may soon allow users to resize windows on their mobile devices

June 6, 2024 | by

Image credit: PhoneArena

According to a recent discovery, Google Keep is gearing up for a new feature that may greatly benefit users of foldable devices and tablets. An APK breakdown has revealed a work-in-progress feature within the Android app’s code, suggesting that Google is exploring the possibility of adding resizable windows. This update would allow users to freely adjust the size of the Google Keep window on their mobile devices.

This potential change could be a game-changer, particularly for users who rely on Google Keep on larger screens or devices with unique form factors. Currently, the mobile app offers limited window size options – either the default size or fullscreen mode. A resizing feature would bring it more in line with the desktop app, where a workaround extension already exists to achieve this functionality.The discovery came after activating a hidden feature flag within version of the Google Keep app. This revealed a new sliding pane layout that enables users to freely adjust the window size. Notably, this layout is currently utilized only by the Google Calendar app. It appears that Google intends to extend this capability to Google Keep, initially for devices with a display density greater than 600 pixels per inch.
While this news is exciting for many Google Keep enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that features discovered through code teardowns don’t always make it to the final release. It’s possible that Google may decide not to roll out this feature after all. Nonetheless, this discovery provides a promising glimpse into the potential future of Google Keep, where users could have more control over their note-taking experience on various devices.

We eagerly await further updates from Google regarding this potential feature. If implemented, it could significantly enhance the usability and versatility of Google Keep for a wider range of users. For now, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed.


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