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May 12, 2024 | by

The housing system in Australia has long been a source of concern, with various inquiries and government strategies failing to bring about significant change. Despite the efforts of different levels and forms of government, the housing policy remains complex and often leads to calls for further inquiries or strategies that may not address the root of the issue. The recent announcement by the Albanese government of a significant investment of $11.3 billion to build more homes for Australians is a step in the right direction but may not be enough to accelerate the delivery of new social and affordable housing.

The establishment of the Housing Australia Future Fund and the National Housing Accord, with a goal of delivering 40,000 social and affordable homes over five years, is a positive development. However, there is a need for increased funding and a faster pace of delivery to address the pressing housing crisis in the country. PowerHousing Australia has reported that its members have already submitted applications for 26,000 homes in the first round of the HAFF, highlighting the demand for social and affordable housing solutions.

To meet the challenge of building more homes quickly and in locations where Australians want to live and work, the Albanese government should consider increasing the funding for social and affordable housing in the upcoming budget. A commitment to funding for 20,000 to 30,000 homes this year could help address the urgent need for housing solutions. Doubling the size of the HAFF to $20 billion would provide a down payment on homes that will be required in the years ahead, ensuring a more sustainable and long-term approach to addressing the housing crisis.

It is clear that the housing system in Australia is in need of significant reform and investment to address the challenges faced by many Australians in finding suitable and affordable housing. While government initiatives and funding commitments are a step in the right direction, there is a need for a more comprehensive and accelerated approach to building social and affordable housing. By increasing funding and committing to a larger number of homes in the upcoming budget, the government can take a proactive stance in addressing the housing crisis and improving the lives of many Australians.

With housing prices continuing to rise and the availability of affordable housing decreasing, urgent action is needed to ensure that all Australians have access to safe and secure housing. By committing to a larger investment and accelerating the delivery of social and affordable housing, the Albanese government can make a significant impact on the housing system and improve the lives of many Australians. It is time to move beyond inquiries and strategies and take concrete steps towards building a more sustainable and inclusive housing system for all.


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