Here’s Who Hallmark Star Rachel Skarsten Is Married To In Real Life – Nicki Swift

February 10, 2024 | by

Alexandre Robicquet may be best known as Rachel Skarsten’s husband, but he has made a name for himself in the scientific community working in artificial intelligence. He is the CEO and co-founder of AI company Crossing Minds. They offer business-to-business algorithms that make suggestions to users based on clicks within the website. Crossing Minds has partnered with companies such as Shopify, Grailed, and Penguin Random House.

The company was started by Robicquet and two other people — a former co-worker and a former professor — while he was still getting his master’s degree at Stanford. While speaking of what Crossing Minds offers, Robicquet emphasized how the company does not rely on mining personal data to create suggestions. “Instead, we rely on our in-house developed method that leverages customers’ on-site behaviors, like clicks, and demonstrated interests,” he said in an interview with Adam Mendler.

While still in school, Robicquet wasn’t just making strides in AI; he also took on work with Yves St. Laurent as a model for a fragrance campaign in 2017. His academic pedigree and scientific work nabbed Robicquet an interview with GQ, where Robicquet explained that he preferred his academic pursuits. “100% you will find me in the lab. For sure,” he told GQ in September 2017. The AI researcher said he hoped the modeling would bring visibility to his field. “We’re not making consumer products. Scientists are doubtful and used to questioning things,” he told the outlet. Robicquet was focused on science and his love life. 


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