Hollyland Announces Pyro S Wireless 4K Video Monitoring System for Filmmakers

May 15, 2024 | by magnews24.com

Hollyland Technology announces the launch of the Pyro series, a new wireless video transmission system. The Pyro range, comprising Pyro H, Pyro S, and Pyro 7, is designed to bring innovative multi-person mobile wireless image transmission and monitoring solutions to small or medium commercial and television shooting teams.

“With one transmitter supporting up to four receivers, the lightweight Pyro system makes transmission and monitoring more flexible, stable and professional,” the announcement states. “Hollyland’s self-developed 2.4GHz and 5GHz Auto Dual-band frequency Hopping (ADH) wireless technology provides enhanced anti-interference capabilities while reducing lag and improving range. This innovative new technology is the crucial advantage that allows the Pyro S to provide excellent wireless video quality to four independent monitors at long ranges required for demanding professional filmmakers and video creators alike,”

Hollyland’s ADH wireless tech is designed to provide stable wireless video at 4k/30fps, and up to 400M range when the broadcast mode is off, to deliver superior clarity, detail, and realism for professional applications. “This technology enables better signal transmission performance and efficiency, ensuring real-time footage monitoring with minimal latency, on up to four devices, for all crew who require it (e.g. director, producer, lighting personnel, and audio personnel),” the release continues.

Users can optimize video monitoring performance depending on their requirements. The easy mode selection interface enables users to experience smooth frame rate and low latency, or enhanced video clarity. Users can select Smooth mode or HD mode, to suit the shooting scenario. In Smooth mode, Pyro emphasizes smooth, low-latency playback by dynamically adjusting the bitrate – achieving a steady latency of 50ms and ultra-long-distance transmission of 200M (650ft). HD mode provides superior image quality, at a stable bitrate of 8-12 Mbps, at up to 1,300ft (400m), for clear visuals. (Transmission range is line-of-sight, based on interference-free laboratory measurements).

The Pyro series is designed for professional shooting and smaller commercial projects, including USB Video Class (UVC) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) for improved device connectivity, compatibility, and streaming.

The Pyro H provides HDMI Input/Output and Loopout, allowing users to connect a camera and transmitter, and send signals to receivers while monitoring the view from the loopout port. The Pyro S features both HDMI and SDI Input/Output, suitable for professional shooting and smaller commercial projects. The Pyro 7 supports HDMI and SDI Input/Output and Loopout, allowing users to choose the best connection based on their shooting needs and equipment.

The lightweight aerospace-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy shell is designed for easy portability and physical robustness for demanding, fast-moving video creators. Pyro H and Pyro S feature a vivid color LCD display, on both transmitter and receiver, designed for easy-to-read access to the intuitive user interface, and quick setting selection. Pyro 7 is a 7-inch transceiving wireless monitor.

Pricing and Availability

The Pyro S is launching globally on May 22nd, 2024, and is available through local distributors, as well as at Hollyland’s Amazon store: https://hollyland.info/amazon.Pyro S Wireless Video Transmission System: $699Pyro S Wireless Video Transmitter: $349Pyro S Wireless Video Receiver: $349

To learn more, visit the Hollyland Website, Hollyland Facebook, and Hollyland Instagram.


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