How Amazon Air is Expanding its Supply Chain Fleet

May 7, 2024 | by

“Our operating capabilities will continue to support Amazon’s customer-centric commitments for years to come.”

What is Amazon Air?

Amazon Air, often recognized as Prime Air, serves as a virtual cargo airline dedicated to transporting Amazon packages. In 2017, it rebranded from Amazon Prime Air to Amazon Air to distinguish itself from the autonomous drone delivery service under the Prime Air banner.

Amazon Air’s primary role is to transport Amazon packages from remote fulfilment centres that lie beyond Amazon’s nearby ground transportation network in a particular region. Upon airlifting the buyer’s order from the remote fulfilment centre to their region, the package might head to the regional Amazon Sortation Centre. Here, it could be directed either to a nearby Amazon Logistics Delivery Station for final-mile delivery or to a local post office for handover to the United States Postal Service. In some cases, Amazon Air packages skip the regional Amazon Sortation Centres altogether, heading straight to local Amazon Delivery Stations for final-mile delivery handled by Amazon Logistics.

Alongside ATSG, Amazon also collaborates with Delta Air Lines and WestJet, Shell Aviation and World Energy, Altavair, Elbe Flugzeugwerke, and Hawaiian Airlines.


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