How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps Improve Accessibility

March 28, 2024 | by

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let’s give you a high-level explanation of what AI actually is and how it’s making the internet more user-friendly and accessible for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a fascinating area of computer science that aims to create smart machines capable of tasks that usually need human brains. This includes things like understanding spoken or written language, recognizing patterns, solving complex problems, and learning from past experiences and mistakes. It’s also about computer programs that can process large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

AI can recognize objects and faces, read out text, and assist in navigation—making life easier, especially for people with disabilities.

Think about the internet. It’s a treasure trove of information. But here’s the thing—not everyone has the same ease of access to this treasure. Individuals with disabilities, such as those affecting sight, hearing, or mobility, often find significant obstacles in their path when they try to access or navigate the web.

This is where AI steps in like a superhero, working to make the internet more accessible and helping to improve accessibility—ensuring everyone can access, explore, and make use of the vast resources available online, regardless of their physical abilities. It’s a game-changer, leveling the digital playing field and making the web a more inclusive space.

In a nutshell, AI is all about creating smart machines that make our lives easier, more efficient, and more interesting.


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