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April 4, 2024 | by

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A small set of guiding principles for hybrid working have been developed with input from employees and people managers. I understand our organisation’s approach to hybrid working and why we’ve chosen it. Tailored to teams

Teams use the guiding principles to establish a hybrid approach for their team, appropriate for the type of work they do. Our team has an approach that’s appropriate for what we do. ‘Commute-worthy’ experiences

Time spent in the office or at offsites is worth the journey. It is used for activities that really benefit from being in-person, such as building new relationships, tacit learning, reconnecting to strategy. I get a lot out of the time we spend together in-person. Training and development

Everyone who needs it has access to, and is encouraged to, develop skills that are critical for working well remotely. For example, conversations leading to decisions and outcomes, running effective and inclusive on-line meetings. Performance is managed really well – we’re productive, we’re supported, nobody is ‘coasting’ and nobody is ‘drowning’. Regular review and learn

Teams and the organisation gather high-quality data to assess the impact of hybrid working and how it can be improved. We’ve adapted our approach over the years – people’s situations change so we make sure it’s still working for all.


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